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Services & payment options

Monthly Subscription Account

Designed for higher volume or corporate users, the "Monthly Subscription Account" is ideal for clients that have floor plan sketches and/or photos to upload on a regular daily or weekly basis and don't easily have access to company credit or debit cards. The cost per floor plan or photo is much lower but your account turnover must be in excess of £50.00 in any one month.

An invoice for each month’s jobs will be issued at the end of each month for payment by Direct Debit or Continuous Payment Authority using a debit/credit card, alternatively BACS or International BACS payments are available upon request, after credit checks have been completed.

All prices subject to VAT depending on country of registration.

  • Bespoke, detailed floor plans from just £6.00 per plan
  • Professional photography enhancing from just £1.00 per photo
  • Zero hassle automatic monthly Direct Debit or Continuous Card Authority payment scheme
  • Ideal for high volume users
  • Next working day turnaround guarantee
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Minimum monthly account turnover of £50.00 per month
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Pay As You Go Account

Aimed at lower volume users, the "Pay As You Go Account" is ideal for clients that want to upload floor plan sketches and/or photos on a less regular basis. The price for each floor plan and/or photo is higher but there is no minimum account turnover and you can submit as many or as few jobs as you like.

All you need to do is create your account, purchase credit via our secure payment system and away you go in less than 3 minutes.

All prices subject to VAT depending on country of registration.

  • Bespoke, detailed floor plans from just £9.50 per plan
  • Professional photography enhancing from just £1.50 per photo
  • Secure debit and credit card payment facility
  • Ideal for lower volume users
  • No minimum monthly order or account turnover required
  • Quick and easy to register and start using the system
  • Next working day turnaround guarantee
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Account Charges

Service PAYGO Subscription
Min. floor plan charge £9.50 £6.00
Area included for min. charge 2000 ft2 2000 ft2
Price per additional ft2 £0.010 £0.005
Charge per photo enhanced £1.50 £1.00
Min. monthly account turnover £0.00 £50.00
Frequency of invoice Each time credit is purchased Monthly
Payment type Debit/credit card Direct Debit, CPA, BACS, International BACS

Other Charges

Service PAYGO Subscription
3D plans £20.00 (up to 2000 ft2) £0.020 per ft2 thereafter £15.00(up to 2000 sq ft); £0.015 per sq ft thereafter
Land Registry compliant lease plans £99.50 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.010 per ft2 thereafter £76.00 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.005 per ft2 thereafter
Scale plans £88.50 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.010 per ft2 thereafter £65.00 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.005 per ft2 thereafter
2D Multi-colour plan £11.50 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.010 per ft2 thereafter £7.00 (up to 2000 ft2); £0.005 per ft2 thereafter
Standard photo airbrushing* £3.00 £2.00
Complex photo airbrushing** £9.00 £6.00

* - Removal of small simple items with simple backgrounds.

** - Removal of cars, bins, scaffolding, for sale signs with complex backgrounds.

Please Note: This is just a small selection of some of the more popular alternatives to our standard 2D black and white plan. Once you have registered an account please check the preferences tab for a full list of all additional preference options and the pricing for each.

General site features


Many of our clients choose our standard floor plan format and preferences which includes the most essential and informative elements of the floor plan without making it look too cluttered or overly complicated. However as we always say the plans we produce are completely bespoke and a large number of clients have very specific requirements and guidelines which we are more than happy to follow. To make it easier for our production office to remember exactly what the requirements are for each job we created the "My Preferences" tab and it is here that you can choose from more than 40 different floor plan and photo preference options in order to get your floor plans and photos looking exactly as you want them.

The same applies to your property photographs, most clients are happy to leave it to us to straighten the image, add a blue sky, remove dust marks and generally do what we think is best but others have more specific preferences or things they would prefer us not to do and the "My Preferences" tab is a quick and easy way for you to inform us of those requirements.

We also realise that very often our clients are working with multiple clients themselves and that's why we created multiple preferences so you can set up and save different preferences for your different clients. Then when submitting a new job you can select which client the job is for and the production office will be sent the relevant instructions for that particular floor plan and/or photo.


Request amendments on screen in seconds

We all know what a pain it can be requesting amendments and alterations to floor plans and photographs and that's why we came up with "Screen Sketch". It is quite unique and our clients love it because it saves them so much time and hassle.

Once uploaded the draft files can be viewed in the special on screen viewer, you can highlight areas using different colour pens and add notes to make it clear exactly what your requirement is without having to print anything out or scribble anything by hand...it will take you literally seconds to submit amendments and they will come back right first time because your instructions will be so much clearer for the production office.

Third-party login

We are very aware of the tight time frames our clients have to work within and the importance of getting the floor plans and photos back as quickly as possible but we are also aware that you are often out doing more surveys rather than waiting at your desk for us to return your completed floor plan or enhanced photos.

This got us thinking and we have come up with a solution which enables you to set up third party logins for your own clients so you can give your clients access to their own jobs on our system. They will only be able to see their own jobs not all your other clients jobs, you can hide all the prices so they don’t know what you are paying for the job and you can give them the ability to submit new orders. All the usual site functionality is the same; they can submit amendments, send messages, confirm completion of a job and upload additional sketches if they wish to.