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General Account Questions

Q: Is there a subscription fee for the monthly subscription account?

A: No there is no subscription fee however your account must have a monthly turnover in excess of £50.00+ VAT.

Q: Initially can I set up a Pay As You Go account and then switch to a monthly subscription account once my volumes are sufficient?

A: Yes of course; this is what many clients do. However, it is not possible to convert your account so you will have to set up a separate monthly subscription account. While your old Pay As You Go account and the jobs attached to it will remain active and accessible indefinitely, it should be noted that you cannot use the same username (email address) on more than one account on the site so you will need to have a different email address for each account.

Q: If I have a Pay as You Go account and I buy credit how long does the credit last for?

A: Indefinitely.

Q: Once a job has been finished and completed can I still make amendments?

A: Yes, this works in exactly the same way as you do normally for no extra charge.

Q: Do you charge extra for amendments?

A: 3 sets of amendments are included for no extra charge. It is very rare indeed that we would charge more and we will always try to avoid it. However, certain requests will reasonably necessitate a fee.

Q: If you do have to charge me for amendments what is the charge per additional set?

A: It depends which type of account you have; all charges are shown on the services page.

Q: How quickly are amendments normally made?

A: It rather depends on what time of day you request the amendments. Prior to 1pm GMT, amendments will normally be completed and returned to you within the hour and sometimes much quicker. If amendments are requested any later than this they can sometimes take longer and there is a possibility they may not be made until early the next morning.

Q: Is the drawing office open at weekends and on public holidays?

A: We have clients all round the world so we do not follow any particular countries holiday pattern. The drawing office is open Monday – Friday throughout the year with the only exception being Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The drawing office is often open on Saturday mornings too.

Q: What payment methods do you offer Pay As You Go Account holders?

A: For Pay As You Go accounts you will need to use a debit or credit card to add credit onto your account.

Q: What payment methods do you offer Subscription Account holders?

A: For Subscription account holders there are several options with Direct Debit and Continuous Card Payment Authority using a debit or credit card being the 2 standard options, however BACS, International BACS and credit or debit card payment facilities are available upon request.

Q: What is a Continuous Debit/Credit Card Payment Authority?

A: A continuous Credit/Debit payment authority is a type of regular automatic payment that you can set up using your debit or credit card. The authority is linked to the bank or credit card account that your card is linked to, we will use this to take payment for your monthly invoice automatically.

Q: How do I select which payment method if I am setting up a Subscription Account?

A: If your registered address is in the United Kingdom you will have the choice of paying by Direct Debit or Continuous Credit/Debit Card Payment Authority, clients registering from outside the UK must register for Continuous Credit/Debit Card Payment Authority but Payment by BACS (UK clients) or International BACS transfer can be requested once registration is complete via a link in your My Account tab. All applications are subject to credit checks.

Q: Can I change the payment method used on my subscription account?

A: Yes, simply log in to your account and navigate to your Account summary page.

Q: How do I cancel my Continuous Debit/Credit Card Payment Authority?

A: To cancel your Continuous Card Payment Authority, please contact us. Please note, your account may be placed on hold until a new payment method has been put in place.

Floor plans

Q: How much do you charge per floor plan and are there any extra charges?

A: Our prices vary depending on which type of account you have, how big the property is and what preferences you select. All our charges and extra preference charges are detailed on the services page.

Q: Can you draw plans from architects' plans?

A: Yes, we can but ideally the plan should have clear measurements or we will have to draw approximately to scale by eye.

Q: Can you copy an old floor plan from another agent and put it into our format?

A: Yes. If you upload the floor plan as if it were a sketch we will then copy it.

Q: Do you draw 3D floor plans?

A: Yes we do; You can have a 3D plan on its own or a 2D and 3D plan together.

Q: Can you show furniture on the floor plans?

A: Yes we can show furniture to both 2D and 3D plans but there is an extra charge for this which varies dependant on what type of account you have. Please see the services page for further details and examples.


Q: Is there a limit to the size of file (sketch or photo) that I am able to upload?

A: Yes. You are able to upload up to 100 - 50 MB files at any given time. All original and enhanced photos are stored on our servers and archived after 3 months. You can release any jobs from the archive at any time but we do charge a small administration fee to cover the cost of storage.

Q: What file types am I able to upload my photos in?

A: Our preference based on file size, control and quality is Jpeg or DNG however we also accept Gif and Tif.