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Good quality, well taken photos make a huge difference when marketing a property, with statistics from property portals providing evidence of this.

Property photo enhancement

Many people choose to take photos themselves rather than employing a professional photographer due to the cost, and the ever-increasing quality of the photographic equipment available to the general public.

Taking the right photo is relatively straightforward but giving the photo those finishing touches to set the property apart from the others is more difficult and that's where we can help.

The service works in much the same way as the floor plans service, the only difference is that you upload JPGs of your digital photos rather than your floor plan sketches. Photo jobs can be created on your "My Photos" tab within your existing account and your account will be debited for each photo you upload.

We will process each photo following a series of techniques to make sure we get the very best out of each and every image. As standard we do the following:

  • Improve the general contrast and colours;
  • remove any dust or scratches;
  • remove shadows and highlights;
  • add blue skies (where required);
  • improve the perspective and straighten the image;

More complex and time consuming work can be requested for a small additional charge via the preferences tab, like the removal of complex objects from an image like cars or another agent's 'for sale' sign.

All the usual site features apply to your photo jobs and, like the floor plans, we are offering a next working day service. Once we have uploaded the draft copy of each image you can inform us of any amendments you require via screen sketch. For example if you would like a certain part of the sky to be a darker, deeper blue then you can highlight this area on screen using an on-screen pen and make a note to the side.


Please click on the thumbnails below and the viewer will display before and after comparisons.